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  • We manage physical trading from the point of production.
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  • Our roots stem from the successes of Sempra Energy Trading— and the equity support of Stone Point Capital.
  • We are agile. Committed. We have “boots on the ground.”
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Our expertise is in being able to use our intellectual capital toward structured, scalable financing and debt solutions that leverage our global presence in physical markets. We pride ourselves on the agility to make fast decisions — but build long-term relationships.

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Freepoint hires oil traders in Calgary


Freepoint hires oil traders in Calgary

Freepoint Commodities has hired a pair of crude oil traders in its newly established Calgary office.
The new hires are Ken Krug and Igor Shimonov.
Krug joins Freepoint from J.P. Morgan.
Prior to joining J.P. Morgan in 2010, Krug was head of U.S. and Canadian oil trading at Goldman Sachs.
Krug’s previous employers include Oxy Energy Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum; and Suncor Energy.
Shimonov was previously a director of natural gas and crude oil trading at RBS Sempra Commodities in Calgary.
Before joining Sempra in 2007, he was a director in the energy derivatives trading group at Nexen.
Separately, Freepoint recently established an office in Portland, Ore., as first reported by SparkSpread on Feb. 17.