Freepoint At-A-Glance

In short: in it for your long-term trust.

  • We manage physical trading from the point of production.
  • We leverage valuable strategic relationships that add efficiencies to client transactions —through an established presence in logistics and marketing.
  • Our roots stem from the successes of Sempra Energy Trading— and the equity support of Stone Point Capital.
  • We are agile. Committed. We have “boots on the ground.”
  • We provide creative, scalable financing solutions for our clients.
  • We are Freepoint Commodities.
  • And we believe market ingenuity and experience always wins the day.

fpo_at-a-glance_01The Freepoint Advantage

Our expertise is in being able to use our intellectual capital toward structured, scalable financing and debt solutions that leverage our global presence in physical markets. We pride ourselves on the agility to make fast decisions — but build long-term relationships.

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Current News

(HC Insider, 7/9/2021)

Retaining Top Talent with a Family-Oriented Culture

(PR Newswire, 5/3/2021)

Freepoint Commodities Renews Its Revolving Credit Facility at USD 2.63 Billion; Allows Growth to USD 3.23 Billion

(S&P Global Platts, 12/14/2020)

Interview: Freepoint expands Asia LSFO footprint by supplying maiden cargo to Pertamina terminal

(PR Newswire, 12/14/2020)

Pertamina’s Sambu Fuel Terminal receives first international bunker cargo from Freepoint Commodities as it prepares to be Indonesia’s first trading hub

(PR Newswire, 5/5/2020)

Freepoint Commodities renews its Revolving Credit Facility at USD 2.565 Billion; Allows growth to USD 3.165 Billion

(PR Newswire, 2/12/2020)

Freepoint Commodities Launches Startup Accelerator to Fuel Innovation in Energy and Commodities

(Reuters, 12/22/2019)

China Firms Stock Up Cleaner Shipping Fuel Overseas Ahead of New Emission Rules

(S&P Global Platts, 10/30/2019)

LSFO and LNG – Freepoint crafts strategy to push growth in Asia

(PR Newswire, 10/7/2019)

Freepoint Commodities and Rigby Refining to Co-Develop Low Sulphur Fuel Production Facilities

(Bloomberg, 5/15/2019)

‘Adapt or Die’ as Commodity Trade Margins Wither, Freepoint Says

(PR Newswire, 5/9/2019)

Freepoint Commodities Increases Revolving Credit Facility to USD 2.6 Billion; Allows growth to USD 3.2 Billion

(SparkSpread, 2/28/2019)

Goldman U.S. gas trader jumps to merchant

(London Stock Exchange Market News, 11/30/2018)

Quadrise Fuels International plc Co-Marketing and Project Development Agreement with Freepoint

(SparkSpread, 10/22/2018)

Freepoint lands senior commodities structurer

(London Stock Exchange Market News, 7/19/2018)

Quadrise Fuels Signs MOU with Freepoint Commodities

(Reuters, 7/3/2018)

Idled St. Croix Refinery To Restart, Produce Fuels By 2020

(PR Newswire, 6/28/2018)

Freepoint Energy Solutions Announces Launch of its Texas C&I business

(Platts, 6/4/2018)

C-Suite Asia: Freepoint spots big opportunity as US crude finds favor in Asia

(Institutional Investor, 5/17/2018)

The Kings of Commodities Have One Thing in Common: AIG

(PR Newswire, 5/10/2018)

Freepoint Commodities Renews and Extends USD 2.1 Billion Revolving Credit Facility; Allows growth to USD 2.4 Billion

(Reuters, 3/26/2018)

Shanghai crude futures roar into action as global merchants dominate trade

(International Business Times, 1/22/2018)

BTL’s blockchain energy trading project adds Gazprom, Total, Eni and more

(Reuters, 10/30/2017)

U.S. natural gas firms line up to join China trade delegation in Nov

(Reuters, 10/30/2017)

Hot air? U.S. gas exporters rush to sell LNG to China

(Reuters, 10/30/2017)

Energy, not tech or finance, in CEO line-up for Trump’s China visit

(The News Journal, 10/27/2017)

Project would double Delaware’s solar energy capacity

(Sparkspread, 10/4/2017)

Freepoint taps Engelhart’s North America energy chief

(Bloomberg, 9/28/2017)

Freepoint Adds Cotton Business as Top Crop Traders Struggle

(PR Newswire, 9/19/2017)

Freepoint Commodities Expands into Cotton Trading; Taps Industry Veteran to Lead; Appoints Global Head of Agricultural Products

(Marketwired, 8/30/2017)

Aegean Marine Petroleum Inc. and Freepoint Commodities LLC Announce New Cooperation Agreement and Launch of St. Croix Bunker Business in the U.S. Virgin Islands

(PR Newswire, 5/1/2017)

Freepoint Energy Solutions to Commence Operations

(PR Newswire, 4/27/2017)

Freepoint Commodities Extends Revolving Credit Facility and Upsizes to USD 2.1 Billion; Allows growth to USD 2.4 Billion

(Platts, 3/17/2017)

Interview: Freepoint Commodities eyes oil, metals to build on its Asia dream

(Reuters, 2/23/2017)

Freepoint Commodities expands in Asia to feed China demand for oil, metals

(PR Newswire, 2/21/2017)


(PR Newswire, 2/21/2017)

Freepoint Commodities Grows its Presence in Asia

(PR Newswire, 11/23/2016)

Freepoint Commodities Announces Expansion Into Marine Bunkering Services

(SparkSpread, 11/1/2016)

Freepoint hires Houston gas traders

(Bloomberg, 10/10/2016)

Freepoint Pushes Into Asia Energy and Metals As Rivals Pull Back

(The Virgin Islands Consortium, 9/14/2016)

A Hopeful Future For St. Croix As Limetree Bay Promises Expansion At Ribbon-Cutting Event

(Dow Jones Newswires, 9/7/2016)

Cofco Corp. Loses Top Grains Traders to Freepoint Commodities

(PR Newswire, 8/9/2016)

Freepoint Commodities Announces Launch of Retail Energy Supplier: Freepoint Energy Solutions

(SparkSpread, 5/23/2016)

Freepoint recruits another Noble Group trader

(PR Newswire, 5/18/2016)

Freepoint Commodities Extends Facility and Upsizes to USD 1.45 Billion; Can Grow to $2 Billion

(Bloomberg, 5/13/2016)

Freepoint Sees Growth Ahead, Starting With Agricultural Trading

(SparkSpread, 5/6/2016)

Freepoint hires principal investment head

(SparkSpread, 4/26/2016)

Freepoint adds gasoline trader

(SparkSpread, 4/18/2016)

Freepoint adds natural gas trader in Houston

(PRNewswire, 1/8/2016)

ArcLight Capital Partners and Freepoint Commodities Close Acquisition of St. Croix Refinery Assets from HOVENSA

(Reuters, 12/2/2015)

China oil storage lease helps revivie Caribbean refiner Hovensa: UPDATE 3

(Bloomberg, 12/2/2015)

Sinopec Expands Global Reach With St. Croix Terminal Lease

(Reuters, 12/1/2015)

Arclight, Freepoint to purchase Hovensa refinery in St. Croix: source

(SparkSpread, 11/10/2015)

Freepoint adds ex-Noble Group power trader

(SparkSpread, 11/5/2015)

Freepoint adds distillates traders in Houston

(Reuters, 10/23/2015)

Freepoint sows seeds for first move into ags trading

(SparkSpread, 10/1/2015)

Freepoint nabs traders from Cargill’s hedge fund arm

(SparkSpread, 10/1/2015)

TransAlta’s origination head jumps ship

(SparkSpread, 9/10/2015)

Freepoint adds ex-J.P. Morgan oil derivatives trader

(Reuters, 8/25/2015)

Puerto Rico utility PREPA negotiates two new supply contracts

(PR Newswire, 6/18/2015)

Freepoint Commodities Provides Financing to Hillgrove Resources

(PR Newswire, 6/1/2015)

Freepoint Commodities Upsizes Existing Credit Facility to USD 1.3 Billion

(SparkSpread, 4/16/2015)

Deutsche’s east power head to join Freepoint

(SparkSpread, 3/26/2015)

Freepoint hires for Houston Fuel Oil Desk

(SparkSpread, 3/10/2015)

Freepoint hires power and gas traders

(SparkSpread, 3/2/2015)

Freepoint hires oil traders in Calgary

(SparkSpread, 2/23/2015)

Freepoint adds former Morgan Stanley power originator

(SparkSpread, 2/17/2015)

Freepoint opens West Coast office; hires power traders

(PR Newswire, 12/4/2014)

Freepoint Commodities and Merchant Capital Solutions Form Strategic Alliance

(Reuters, 12/4/2014)

Freepoint Commodities, KKR funding group team up to challenge Wall St

(SparkSpread, 11/7/2014)

Freepoint adds to Houston Oil Desk

(Reuters, 11/7/2014)

Freepoint in talks with banks on physical commodity deals

(Reuters, 11/7/2014)

Freepoint starts base metals trading, focus on Asia

(Reuters, 11/7/2014)

Freepoint expands U.S. natgas, sees oil ‘conversion’ play

(SparkSpread, 10/22/2014)

Freepoint hires for Houston Gas Desk

(SparkSpread, 9/3/2014)

Freepoint hires coal trading head

(SparkSpread, 8/15/2014)

Freepoint hires for merchant finance group

(SparkSpread, 7/31/2014)

Freepoint hires for Midcontinent oil desk

(SparkSpread, 6/26/2014)

Mercuria power trader joins rival merchant

(PR Newswire, 6/4/2014)

Freepoint Commodities upsizes existing credit facility to USD 1 Billion

(Reuters, 5/20/2014)

Three ex-natgas traders of hedge fund Sasco join merchant Freepoint

(SparkSpread, 5/19/2014)

Commodities merchant hires Sasco team

(Bloomberg, 5/1/2014)

Shale Revolution Lures Trading Houses to U.S. Energy Assets

(SparkSpread, 4/8/2014)

Freepoint hires Noble gas trader

(SparkSpread, 3/13/2014)

Merrill gas traders join commodities merchant

(SparkSpread, 2/18/2014)

Freepoint grows merchant finance group

(Reuters, 1/2/2014)

March of state companies resets global trading patterns

(Reuters, 12/9/2013)

Commodity Traders face Consolidation

(Reuters, 11/8/2013)

Unlucky once, U.S. trader Freepoint still open to deals

(Reuters, 11/7/2013)

U.S. shale oil trade goes waterborne in 2014, says Freepoint

(PR Newswire, 8/22/2013)

Freepoint Commodities Agrees to Debt Deal with Enerpulse

(PR Newswire, 8/18/2013)

Freepoint extends production assets with $110m oil and gas deal

(Reuters, 7/24/2013)

Analysis: Wall Street’s commodities trading under fire, rivals creep in

(PR Newswire, 7/23/2013)

Freepoint Commodities Closes VPP Transaction

(PR Newswire, 6/13/2013)

Freepoint Commodities Completes Off-Take and Financing Transaction with Covenant Coal

(Dow Jones Business News, 3/7/2013)

Natural-Gas Futures Set 2013 High on Steep Inventory Drop

(Reuters, 1/2/2013)

Freepoint signs first metals offtake with gold mine in Brazil

(PR Newswire, 1/2/2013)

Freepoint Commodities Agrees to Invest in Brazahav’s Brazilian Gold Mine

(PR Newswire, 12/13/2012)

Freepoint Commodities Agrees to Purchase Pinedale Properties

(Sparkspread, 9/21/2012)

Freepoint hires ex-U.K. hedge fund analyst