Freepoint is fully committed to adhering to the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations in every jurisdiction where we operate. Today’s resolutions with the US Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, though serious and unfortunate, stem from activity by individuals that commenced prior to their joining Freepoint and was inconsistent with Freepoint’s values and a breach of our zero-tolerance for corruption. The individuals involved are no longer associated with the company. As noted in the resolutions, Freepoint cooperated with the authorities, providing information to aid their inquiries and engaging in significant efforts to aggregate and analyze complex financial information. In addition, we have reviewed and strengthened our internal processes and training to prevent, and improve detection of, violations of our policies and will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our procedures and controls on an ongoing basis. In all our work with customers, we are committed to zealously guarding the confidentiality of their information.