Fostering a people-first philosophy

Freepoint Commodities places the wellbeing and success of our people first.

Every company—no matter the industry, size, or niche—can bring capital, resources, and technology to the table. It’s the unique, talented, and diverse people who make the difference. At Freepoint, we’re focused on investing in the people on our team. Our culture doesn’t just emphasize respect, authenticity, and opportunity—it is firmly rooted in it.

We understand that each person is unique. That’s why we’re committed to a culture which prioritizes diversity, equitability, and inclusiveness.

Attracting, Protecting, and Investing in our Greatest Commodity—our People

Inclusion, respect, and opportunity are at the core of Freepoint’s commitment to our people. We provide each person with the tools they need to excel. We place a high priority on thorough and ongoing training to help our employees reach their highest potential. Our stringent enforcement of health and safety guidelines, our focus on diversity metrics, and compliance with human rights regulations ensure that our employees are treated fairly and justly.

Life at Freepoint

Take a look into what it means to be a part of the Freepoint family