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The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region - one of Freepoint's key markets in our global business.

Our APAC operations are headquartered in Singapore and include energy, metals, agricultural products, and clean energy trading. Freepoint is one of the largest low-emission merchants in the APAC region, the largest marine fuel hub in the world.

Freepoint’s management team has been providing professional services to our partners in the APAC region since the early 1990s. In addition to our long-standing relationships in the region, Freepoint is a corporate member of the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE).

We are committed to providing our employees with a dynamic platform that thrives on diversity and entrepreneurship. We offer intensive internship programs and global rotation opportunities to young people who have the spirit of pursuing excellence.

Commodity Merchant Trading

A Partner-Centered Approach

The APAC team is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with partners in commodity markets by delivering the highest level of service and fully customized solutions.

Our Expertise Includes:

• Supply chain optimization
• Risk management
• Financing and investment

We promptly respond to changes in the market landscape, and support partners to grasp new opportunities:

• We employ clean energy and engineering solutions to enhance sustainability
• We help our partners achieve their emissions reduction goals

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Clean Energy and Carbon Credit Business

Since the advent of IMO 2020, Freepoint has become a critical supplier of low-sulfur fuel in the APAC region. This fuel significantly reduces the amount of sulfur emitted into the atmosphere.  Freepoint is committed to many initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs).

The APAC carbon team is evaluating opportunities throughout the carbon chain, broadening our partner base, and seeking to become an active participant in the Chinese National Carbon Trading Scheme.

  • Route-to-market services
  • Carbon asset management services
  • Green industry & carbon abatement project investment
  • Carbon related project development services
Global Agricultural Products

Freepoint’s knowledge of Asian markets ensures a steady and secure supply for the China market through its agricultural business in Asia. With rising incomes and increased urbanization, China’s demand for edible oils is expected to continue rising for the foreseeable future and we will be there to help our partners meet that demand.

We import and distribute edible oils from all major origins: North American, South America and Southeast Asia.  In addition, Freepoint offers Risk Management, Trade Finance and Structured Finance solutions for our customers to help improve price transparency and stability to enhance supply chain efficiency.

As part of our commitment to sustainable growth, Freepoint’s agricultural business also sources and supplies renewable feedstocks, both crop and waste-based, to meet the world’s growing demand for biofuels.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Freepoint’s LNG team offers tailored solutions for our customer’s short and long-term LNG requirements, including local natural gas sourcing, liquification, shipping, and delivery.  Our global natural gas footprint enables us to provide comprehensive price discovery and economic optimization.

Global Metals and Concentrates

Freepoint Metals & Concentrates LLC (FMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities LLC. FMC is a leading merchant in the global market for base metal concentrates. FMC trades solely as a principle and physical market maker, having long-standing relationships with most major global mining and smelting companies. FMC offers financial, technical, and commercial solutions to the mining sector for negotiated offtakes. By integrating its market knowledge across the industry value chain, FMC is able to identify and capture arbitrage opportunities in real-time on a global basis. FMC is able to respond to supply and demand changes and offer its partners solutions that address the immediate and long-term imbalances caused by such events.

FMC has an outstanding reputation for the consistency of its efficient and reliable physical trading execution and working responsibly with its customers.

Its success is attributable to the high level of expertise and tenure of its management team, traders, and operators, most of whom have spent their entire careers in the industry, acquiring skills and developing relationships across the entire metals industry value chain.


Global Petroleum

Freepoint has deep-rooted global expertise in oil and oil product markets from well-to-wheel. Our value proposition is underpinned by our ability to offer vertical solutions for our partners.

Freepoint invests in and owns strategic oil infrastructure and logistic assets that are managed by its team of industry experts. This structure translates into transactional efficiencies, risk mitigation, and flexibility to capitalize on global arbitrage.

We have the operational capability to source global crude oil streams from oil majors, while retaining the ability to transact with boutique producers. We then leverage technology to enhance our physical logistics capabilities of trucks, rail, barges, vessels, and tankage to gather and blend material for our partners. Our oil products business specializes in the full range of refined products, offering optionality to end-users.

Our physical trading platform is supported by a group of deeply analytical professionals that provide market insights to our partners and allow Freepoint to be on the leading edge of energy transition opportunities.



Dedication to Our Partners

Indonesia – Our strategic partnership with PT Pertamina

•Freepoint and PT Pertamina have established deep cooperation at Sambu Island Terminal.

•Freepoint is further expanding its presence in Indonesia, including a clean energy initiative.

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Prosperity in Our Region

Aligned with Freepoint’s global initiatives, Freepoint’s management and employees in Asia are committed to social responsibility and community-building activities in Asia, through volunteer efforts and fundraising.

•Fighting COVID – provided gift funding to the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine to support continuing education of Indonesian medical professionals on COVID, so that they can be better equipped to fight the pandemic in their communities.

•Pandemic Research – provided gift funding to the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine to support advanced research on Air and Surface Sampling in COVID-19 patient rooms and wards.

One of our core strategies is to attract talent by being the Employer of Choice.

•We are committed to providing our employees with a dynamic platform that breathes in diversity and entrepreneurship. We offer intensive internship programs and global rotation opportunities to young people who have the spirit of pursuing excellence.


We are building the future.

It takes a uniquely talented, driven individual in the commodities business - that's why we're always seeking the best and brightest to join our team.