Pursuing a sustainable future for our planet

Freepoint Commodities is committed to protecting the environment by placing climate risk mitigation at the forefront of our green business initiatives.

The future is dependent upon the health of our planet and, as a world-class commodities firm, we understand that mitigating our own climate risk and pursuing cleaner solutions are essential to being valuable long-term partners and good global citizens. The accelerating transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy presents exciting opportunities in the world of commodities and beyond. Freepoint is committed to investing in projects, technologies, and new initiatives that will aid in the transition toward sustainable energy solutions.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts, Maximizing Positive Influences

Freepoint is proud to be energy carbon neutral through the carbon offset of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. But we won’t stop there. It is our mission to be good stewards of the planet, always elevating and enhancing our programs, enriching our teams, and enabling individuals to bring innovation and experience to environmental projects.

We’re constantly evaluating opportunities to invest in new technologies that enhance sustainability, including, but not limited to, the hydrogen economy, renewable natural gas and diesel, and CNG and LNG powered vehicles.

Closing the Loop for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Through our cutting-edge and innovative Freepoint Eco-Systems initiative, we are transforming plastic into sustainable fuel which greatly reduces waste and results in significant energy savings. Each Freepoint advanced recycling facility can reduce GHG emissions by the equivalent of up to 55,000 cars.

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Making Strides in Solar Energy Development

Freepoint is proud to contribute to the green energy transformation through our subsidiary Freepoint Solar, which develops photovoltaic power generation in the United States. Our team of solar experts identifies strategic solar locations and works with local authorities to obtain relevant permits to develop solar facilities. Freepoint Solar has originated and developed 350 MWs of utility-scale solar projects in the ISO-NE, NYISO, and PJM regions in the northeastern U.S.

Our Carbon Footprint

Freepoint Commodities actively seeks out opportunities to facilitate social and environmental benefits beyond the realm of commodity trading. We purchase carbon offsets relating to the Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon which is focused on land-use transformation and biodiversity conservation. The lush forests provide habitat for a wide variety of rare and endangered wildlife and by purchasing carbon emission offsets, we are not only offsetting our carbon footprint but are contributing to multiple local social and environmental benefits.