Prioritizing integrity as an engaged global corporate citizen

Freepoint Commodities is committed to transparent, ethical practices across the globe.

Creating a positive work environment that prioritizes ethics, wellness and safety is an essential component of our corporate mission and an important responsibility that we owe to our stakeholders. We believe that ethical, compliant behavior and positive workplace practices not only have a beneficial impact on our employees, local communities and the planet, but also improve our long-term corporate sustainability and prosperity.

Enforcing Ethical Practices Across the Globe

At Freepoint, ethics leads the way. We know that our employees’ actions today will determine the welfare of our company tomorrow. Accordingly, we have a robust Global Compliance Training Program which employees are required to complete on an annual basis. We believe in – and actively enforce – compliance with our corporate policies which reflect our values, protect our reputation and further our commitment to team health and safety. We proudly support and foster enhanced resources in relation to anti-corruption, counterparty and supply chain due diligence, and the fight against modern slavery.

Modern Slavery Statement

UK Tax Strategy Statement