Our Approach

Our most valuable resource is our people

Freepoint recognizes the value that our employees bring to the table. Our company is enriched by their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skillsets, creativity and diverse life experiences. These are all invaluable ingredients securing our company’s future.


Our Expertise

With Freepoint, you will deal with a cohesive team of industry experts. We pride ourselves on our depth of experience and the intellectual capital of our employees.  We emphasize nurturing relationships at every level – management team, investment team, trading team, back-office personnel and support staff, and everything in between.

Our Shared History

Our teams feature seasoned professionals, many of whom have worked together for decades. This fosters an environment of collaboration and shared principles, where thoughts and ideas flow freely. Our management is passionate about the company and fully committed to our people.

Our Common Goal

We operate our company with the integrity of a shared moral compass. We understand that a community of people depends on one another’s hard work and sound judgement, and we act accordingly.

Our Culture

Freepoint’s culture is one of respect and caring. Employees are more than just co-workers, we form the Freepoint family. Individuals treat each other with kindness, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues to ensure that every employee feels accepted and valued and has a sense of belonging. 

Life At Freepoint

Life At Freepoint