Merchant Finance

Freepoint offers structured solutions with a 360° view

We provide principal finance that enables counterparties to develop and expand resource projects or refinance existing ones.

As a leader in worldwide commodities trading, Freepoint provides a depth of insight and expertise in identifying, evaluating, and executing Merchant Finance transactions, while mitigating potential risks. Our Merchant Finance group capitalizes on opportunities within traditional commodity supply chains and actively develops opportunities that disrupt these markets in a transitioning energy landscape.

Our Asset Strategy

Our Merchant Finance team collaborates with our Merchant Trading group to acquire assets that complement our trading view and identify opportunities to enter new markets. We are developing a portfolio of assets to facilitate the energy transition. From renewable energy to cleaner transportation fuels to support of a circular economy, Freepoint is dedicated to responsible stewardship of our ecosystem.

Structured Debt and Equity Solutions

We provide financing across the capital structure. Our counterparties, with whom we have long-standing relationships, recognize our ability to quickly analyze risks associated with physical commodity assets and propose optimal debt and equity solutions.


Structured Transactions

We provide principal finance that allows counterparties to develop and expand resource projects or refinance existing ones.

We take pride in formulating structured financings, which compliment our Merchant Trading offerings. Customized structured solutions enable our customers to optimize their assets and maximize their returns.

Freepoint Eco-Systems

Freepoint Eco-Systems is breaking the mold of the linear economy to create a more sustainable future.

We are developing a portfolio of recycling assets to convert plastic waste, otherwise destined for landfills, into usable products promoting a circular economy.

To learn more about Freepoint Eco-Systems and become part of the circular economy visit us here.



Freepoint Solar

Freepoint Solar originates and develops utility-scale solar projects in the Northeastern United States. Freepoint Solar works with landowners and utilities to select suitable sites to develop utility-scale projects stretching from the Mid-Atlantic into New England. Our current portfolio consists of a 300 MW development pipeline with Projects in Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our typical project is size is between 20-50 MW in size.

Our portfolio is located near population centers to help satisfy the growing demand for renewable power. We work with a range of partners to design, permit, and engineer our projects through the development cycle. Freepoint Solar believes that demand for large-scale solar projects will continue to grow in the Northeastern power markets and we intend to be a meaningful player in that growth cycle.