What We Do

We operate from a unique perspective in a commodities transaction

Our track record of success is built on a platform that emphasizes people, shared values, and culture.

We are global merchants of physical commodities and financers of upper and mid-stream commodity-producing assets. We provide physical supply services and related structured solutions for counterparties.

We consistently deliver value throughout the commodity chain by leveraging our relationships, breadth of expertise, and responsiveness. In an evolving commodities landscape, our ability to respond to changing market conditions will underpin the value we provide to our customers.


Managing logistics from the point of production to effectively mitigate risk on the merchant trading end.


An agile corporate structure and strategic global relationships across production infrastructure facilitate transactions.


Sharing our culture, putting people first, and never sacrificing the goal of fostering long-term relationships.


Using our intellectual capital and unique marketing platform to “connect the dots” on an opportunity, Freepoint can acquire the highest production value asset and execute premium market deals tailored to our counterparties’ risk/return profiles.